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Shenzhen Nanwan
Huizhou Dong Ao ZENG CHENG
Shui Kei Co., Ltd. has always been good in providing welfare to our staff. We incorporate in our layout design with green, quiet, and comfortable area for both working and living.
In residential area, there are abundant facilities including barbar shop, supermarket, canteen, library, dancing room, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball, badminton, and table tennis court, ice-skating ring, zoo and garden, kids playground, karaoke box, giant theater and stage for cultural dancing shows, Staff lounge etc. that cater the multidimensional need of our staff. More than that, we are among the first to serve the need of family life with comfortable dormitory facilities so they can have quality living environment. This residential arrangement of dormitory was well published and awarded.
In area of environmental protection and energy saving, we provide in residential area with solar energy water supply system and sewage filtering and processing system before it was release to nature. Also, for security and safety issues, we have 24 hours in house security management system and anti-theft alarm system. With our security staffs patrol days and nights, and an experienced and hugh teams of fire fighters, it ensure Shui Kei a quiet, comforable, and high quality living standard that is comparable to any developers in the region.
Shui Kei promote positive lifestyle of freedom and pleasure, including annual Child Festival, traveling with family members, visiting events during holidays, free shopping pick-up and drop-off service. All aspect of these events are well accommodated.
Shui Kei has established Health, Safety, and Nutrition regulation for Food and Drink. We invested and build over 1000 arch of plant and farm to grow green products for our own use. It make sure we have a self-sufficient environment with healthy and nutrition food and stock for our staff. With a green environment around our recreation facilities, it provides our staff an aspiration, with pleasant environment for living.